our mission Cowgirl Films seeks to challenge the pervasive and unrealistic media images of women. By highlighting the role of real women in their societies and families, Cowgirl Films offers a voice and a mirror for the many women who seek something deeper than the media’s false idols and crass representations of femininity.
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Get Real! Wise Women Speak, a feature-length documentary currently in post-production, profiles extraordinary older women who use their time and talents to benefit their families, communities, nations and the world. Interviewees include Actress Jane Fonda, poet Nikki Giovanni, Editor Susan L. Taylor, Buddhist Nun Tenzin Palmo, Oceanographer Sylvia Earle, Author Marianne Williamson, Entertainer Della Reese, Nobel Laureates, artists, grandmothers, activists and educators.


Get Real! – because it is time for society to get real and realize that older women don’t just disappear or fall off a cliff as they age, but actually get wiser, more powerful and more valuable.


Get Real! – because wise women find that as they grow older they also grow in authenticity, becoming more and more their true Selves – with a capital S.


Get Real! – because women need to get real by using every single minute to the fullest, refusing to waste precious time lamenting wrinkles and the passing years.swril

What does our planet need now – more women fighting an ultimately losing battle with their aging appearance or strong women of expanded vision who proudly wear their years and use their vital wisdom and experience to dynamically benefit families, communities and the entire planet?